Education Technology

The School Facilities Construction Commission is responsible for helping local districts meet the education technology needs of the state in a manner that will ensure equitable distribution of funds based on the total implementation of the Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS).

With the implementation of the KETS program in 1992, Kentucky was the first state to have all districts and schools connected to the Internet; the top state in K-12 cloud-based computing; the top state in K-12 product standards; a top five state in access to technology and use in instruction; and a top ten state in data quality.

The General Assembly allocates money for KETS each biennium. The money is distributed by the SFCC in offers of assistance to each district based on the district’s average daily attendance. These funds must be matched by the districts from general fund dollars. These funds are to be used only on approved KETS purchases.

Allocation Procedure

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) prepares an implementation plan that is approved by the Kentucky Board of Education. The amount of funds available for offers of assistance is established. The SFCC is responsible for awarding these offers of assistance as districts are certified eligible by KDE. The offers are based on an average daily attendance formula and unmet need as established by statute. 

 Kristi Russell is the KETS Program Administrator for the SFCC. Any questions regarding offers or matching should be directed to her at ​​​

​​F​und Utilization Planning Form 1st Offer Fund Utilization Form 1st Offer 2020.pdf

F​und Utilization Planning Form 2nd Offer​ Fund Utilization Form 2nd Offer 2020.pdf

F​und Utilization Planning Form 3rd Offer​​ Fund Utilization Form 3rd Offer 2020.pdf​

Education Technology